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The Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment (MoPTA)

Important Notice: We are currently updating the assessment documents based on findings from the pilot. Updated Tasks and Rubrics will be available in September 2014.

Aligned with Missouri's Teacher Standards and Quality Indicators, this test assesses the instructional capability of teacher candidates prior to receiving a license. It is designed to:

  • develop more effective teachers in the classroom
  • identify strengths and areas for improvement of practice
  • contribute to a development plan for professional growth

The assessment consists of four tasks, one formative and three summative. The tasks are described below.

The revised MOPTA Candidate and Educator Handbook containing information about the tasks, rubrics, writing guidelines, online authoring and submission system, how to attach artifacts, record video and more will be available in September 2014. Updated task requirements and rubrics will also be available at that time.

Task 1: Knowledge of Students and the Learning Environment

In this formative task completed during the first weeks of student teaching, the teacher candidates demonstrate the knowledge and skills that pertain to their understanding of their assigned classroom. The task asks the teacher candidates to provide evidence in regard to their students, the school and the community and to identify implications of these factors on instruction and student learning.

Task 2: Assessment and Data Collection to Measure and Inform Student Learning

In this summative task, teacher candidates demonstrate their understanding, analysis and application of assessment and data collection to measure and inform student learning.

Task 3: Designing Instruction for Student Learning

In this summative task, teacher candidates demonstrate their ability to develop instruction, including the use of technology, to facilitate student learning.

Task 4: Implementing and Analyzing Instruction to Promote Student Learning

In this summative task, teacher candidates demonstrate their ability to plan and implement a lesson using research-based instruction. They also show how they are able to adjust instruction for the whole class as well as for individual students within the class. Finally, they demonstrate an understanding of reflective practice. A 15-minute video is required with this task.

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Become a Rater

ETS will soon be hiring raters for online scoring of the Pre-Service Teacher Assessment for the fall 2015 operational launch. If you are interested, please send your contact information to Include "MoPTA Online Scoring" in the subject line.

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